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Newsletter - To receive news from Aussant a few times a year, subscribe to her newsletter in sending an email to newsletter@elyseaussant.com with the word 'Subscription' in the subject. All emails are handled confidentially.

Permanent Gallery in Quebec - Michel-Ange Art Gallery is a renowned gallery located in Old Montreal (Quebec, Canada) for more than 30 years. Aussant is represented there since 2014. She has done a solo exhibition named Transit which has been a success, partly through the professional services offered by the staff of the gallery. Here is the page of her works of art on their website.

Permanent Gallery in Quebec - Mes Coups de Coeur Gallery is located in Boucherville, south shore of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and she exhibits her paintings there since 2013. This gallery is diversified between an art gallery and an antique dealer.

Permanent Gallery in United States - Danielle Peleg Gallery is a renowned gallery located in the Detroit MI area for more than 35 years. Her paintings are exhibited there since May 2017. They discovered Aussant during the Red Dot Miami art show. The owners of the gallery were charmed by her hearts which they now exhibit all year long. Here is her page on their website.

International Agent and Mobile Gallery - Novem Fine Art is an astounding team representing Aussant outside of Quebec since 2016. They have good knowledge of the artistic world and are efficient to organise exhibitions. They owned a mobile gallery and they travel all over North America : New York, Florida, California, Vancouver, Ontario, Quebec, etc. They won the price for the 'Best International Exhibitor' in 2017 at ArtExpo New York. Here is her virtual space on their website.

Permanent gallery in Quebec - Hostel Haut Bois Dormant is located in Notre-Dame-des-Bois city. This hostel-restaurant now exhibits her paintings permanently in their restaurant Épicurieux since 2018. This restaurant is an excellent table and has an impressive view on the Eastern Townships region.

Press Relations - Annie Tremblay is her press relation officer since January 2017. Professional business woman in the telecommunications world, she will assist her to get known and to promote her paintings all over Quebec province. After many years of absence they work together again.

Framing - For the frames of her paintings, she does business with the professionals of Encadrex L'atelier located on Hochelaga street in Montreal. They offer an excellent service and a finished product of quality.

Photographers - The photos used are usually taken by herself or by anonymous photographers like for the webpages : home, expo and gallery. Photo credit to Lawrence Arcouette: bio background page, two photos on this page. Others credits tagged on each photo when needed.
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