Solo exhibition, Spring 2019, Montreal
Gallery - Haut Bois Dormant is an hostel-restaurant of the Eastern Townships region. A few paintings were delivered there today and will be exhibited in their restaurant Épicurieux. Here is their list of paintings.
Donation - For a third year, she offered another painting to Violons du Roy for a fundraising auction. A reception including a silent auction took place at the Toqué restaurant. The painting Nous 2 was bought during this auction.
Expo - New York exhibition at ArtExpo where she has exhibited many large format hearts painting.
Expo - Group exhibition done by Le Collectif Artistique Bizz'Art in Montreal to condemn sexual aggressions and collect funds for the CPIVAS organization. The painting Puits de lumière [Light wells] was exhibited and sold during this exhibition.
Expo - Exhibition at the RedDot Miami 11th edition in Florida where Aussant exhibited her heart paintings which were greatly appreciated.
Press - Last press release sent to journalists. Here is the french release in pdf format. Please note a change to this press release: 'Galerie 615' has changed name to 'Galerie Bohème'.
Gallery - Bohème gallery located in the Saskatoon city (Saskatchewan, Canada) will open its doors September 2017. Some of her paintings will be shown at the opening. Here is a summary of their activities for 2017:

2017-08-10 - Adele Tosh from Dervilla Designs introduce our art to her clients

2017-08-15 - The website bohemegallery.com is launched

2017-09-01 - Opening of the gallery

2017-09-09 - Annual fair on the Broadway street attracting more than 20,000 persons

2017-09-14 to 17 - ArtNow - Second annual show of Regina Beaux-Arts

2017-10-20 and 21 - Grand opening for the public. Music, food and wine!

Donation - For a second year, she offered a painting to Violons du Roy for a fundraising auction. A reception including a silent auction took place at the Toqué restaurant. The painting Filature was bought by a collector. For this donation, Aussant was given the title of Gold Violon as indicated by their roll of honour.
Gallery - The owners of the Danielle Peleg Gallery located in Detroit (Michigan, United States), got a heart-stopper for her hearts. They are now exhibiting her work all year long.
Expo - Two of her paintings are exposed at New York ArtExpo in collaboration with Novem Fine Art, who won the best international exhibitor price for 2017. Here are the highlights of ArtExpo 2017.
Team - Beginning of a collaboration with Annie Tremblay who becomes her press relation officer.
Expo - A new solo exhibition named Confiance [ Trust ] from December 19th to 21th, 2016 at Bain Mathieu in Montreal. Celebration for her 10-year career as a painter.
Press - Newspaper article from Le journal de Montreal for the exhibition Confiance [Trust] 2016. Here is the web link for this article as well as a photo of the newspaper page.
Expo - Exhibition at the RedDot Miami 10th edition in Florida in collaboration with Novem Fine Art. Here are the highlights of this 2016 exhibition.
Novem fine art Team - Novem Fine Art becomes her international agent and she find Jacinthe and Marc again. More details here

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